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Engineering and Production

Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a list of defined raw materials, sub-components, sub-assemblies and all related resources with the quantities that required for manufacturing a product. In the BOM, the engineer will build up each relationship, each source and action of the item. For example, raw materials to be purchased, sub-components is made by two sub-assembly parts, sub-sub-assembly parts to be purchased from outsource supplier and etc. BOM is especially useful for producing end products such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Contract Manufacturers, or Assembly Plants. A good BOM can be extended to be used for communication between various plants. 


Engineering Change Tracking

In Leego’s system, once a BOM is established, it will be triggered when a new Sales Order is saved and send demand to Material Requirement Planning (MRP) to purchase, Work Orders to produce, and etc. So the concern departments in the process will be alerted automatically for quick actions.

Engineering Change means there is change update to the component, assembly or document such as processes or work instructions. One of the key roles of the engineering department is to ensure the engineering change requests and requirements from customers are adhered and informed to all related departments.

Leego’s system manage engineering changes with a proper approval process in place, traceability, informing and updating processes.


Drawing and Specification Control

Based on the industry standard and customer requirement, product’s drawings and specifications must be kept for specific years (subject to each industry or customer) and must be traceable. This documentation process is tedious and not easy to share if it is performed manually or with shared folder. In certain industries, where the confidentiality is high, the company has to manage these documents with high security and user control.

All these concerns are taken care by Leego’s system. When you upload a new document of the part, it will link to the part’s BOM and part master automatically that saved the time in maintaining difference database. For the document required higher confidentiality control, you can manage each user rights of view, copy, edit and delete easily.


Manufacturing Capacity

For many manufacturers, they are managing the balance between under capacity and overcapacity. When the gap between you should produce and you can produce is widening, it means a potential loss to the business. Then how should the company manage this gap?

Leego believes a good capacity planning is coming from an accurate capacity status and a single platform to communicate demand and supply. These are covered in Leego’s system.