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One of the key finance roles is to do budgeting. A budget plan is an overall plan that consists of both revenue and expenses in figures, and agreed by all related functions. The agreed budget should be adhered and monitored and reviewed by finance department to prevent deficits.

Leego’s system has covered both sales and procurement processes that capture both actual revenue and expense data in real time for the company to crosscheck against their budget instantly and efficiently.


A reliable costing report that estimated the activities cost and reporting the actual cost is key component of managerial decision as many of the company goals have financial aspects, such as revenue and profit targets. In addition, a good costing report can support you in root cause analysis when your system can produce an activities based costing report. Leego’s system does.

However, the key challenge faced by many company today is how to gather the actual input with minimal cost in data gathering process? Leego has the answer.