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Human Resource

Employee efficiency

In many businesses, labor cost is one of the significant cost to their line-item expense especially for most retail and small-scale manufacturing companies. Before the company takes any actions to reduce labor cost, they should consider to measure employee efficiency and setting aggressive performance targets to get the most before retrenchment because this is going to affect the company when losing experienced employees.

To produce an employee efficiency report, you need to collect day-to-day data that times and costs. With Leego’s system and the help of technology, you can collect these data easily.

Timesheet Management

Many ground employees, filling up the timesheet is a tedious job especially in the project based business, employees have to fill in the project number that they are carrying out. To the Human Resource department, collecting and processing the timesheet is time-consuming and they have to work within tight deadline of payroll.

With Leego’s system, all these concerns will be solved easily. Leego uses technology to collect timesheet data automatically and accurately. Alternatively, you can opt for semi-automated system with user-friendly interface for employees to clock their time with hassle-free. Most importantly, all the collected data will be available real-time to Human Resource and Finance for Payroll and Costing purpose.