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Stock Movement

Stock Movement is about the in and out transactions of each stock item. For an accurate stock movement record, the recording of each inventory transaction is important. Stock Movement records including quantity, location, source of item (e.g. PO number), issue out of item (e.g. project or work order number) With this information in place, it also serve the PO fulfilment at procurement and capturing actual costing at finance.

Leego’s system has linked this data across the entire organization.

Safety Stock

Safety stock is describe a level of extra stock that is maintained to mitigate risk of stakeouts when demand sparked or an agreement with customer. Under such situation, the company will set up the safety stock level for part. When the stock quantity is fall on or below safety stock level, it should trigger the procurement to purchase or the production to make.

With Leego system, you can manage this easily and get system to trigger supply at the procurement or production automatically.