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Job Schedule Planning

Job Scheduling is one of the challenging tasks in the operation when thousands of jobs or dates are chained together and to be fulfilled, that increase the complexity of this role. In this scenario, fulfilling customers' delivery with good On-Time Delivery (OTD) is absolutely the highest mandate of the company.

Leego’s system is designed on the nature to make those fulfillments visible so that the company can know the potential issues in real-time for them to take quick preventive action. In addition, Leego’s system is easy to use. One of the reason is that Leego’s system is using the re-rational database that to minimize the repetition of data entry and the data content is linked and shared automatically with the related functions. For example, once customer purchase part has been registered in Sales Order process, it will trigger Bill of Material (BOM), Material Requirement, work order and its process routing automatically.


Production Planning

Production Planning is about the activities of allocating the materials, employees, machines, tools and capacity in the production and manufacturing processes in the plant to achieve the best On-Time Production (OTP).

In the production environment, plant manager needs to manage both the resource allocation and unforeseeable situation such as machine breakdown, employee absent, and etc. With Leego’s system, you can visualize your real-time capacity, manage machine maintenance, tool life span, and etc. to minimize the unforeseeable circumstances and take alternative plan like outsourcing when your know your current capacity well.


Inventory Planning

The objective of the Inventory planning is to manage the balance between stock-out and low inventory cost, that’s supply when needed in order to maximize your cash flow and eliminate inventory write-off.

To achieve this objective, you have to take care many complexity such as seasonality, competing demands, cost fluctuation such as metal, distance with supplier, multiple inventories, minimum order quantity, economic of scale, and etc.

With Leego’s system, all these complexities will be taken care. Leego system is integrating data from demand and supply throughout the supply chain. You can set up your stock strategies such as set up safety stock conditions and system will prompt you to fire job or Purchase Order when inventory is fall to or below safety stock level so that you do not need to over build your stock. For the company with multiple inventories, the stock strategy such as sharing common inventory items across difference outlets or branches can be established to further bring down inventory cost.


Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is key to labor intensive and service oriented business. It became more challenging in developed countries when labor cost is high and supply is limited. Thus, an efficient human resource planning that fulfilling business needs and satisfying employees are essential.

Leego’s system has catered such needs through duty roster for both full-time and part-time employees. You can plan your human resource based on demand and match with employees preferred working hours or days. The system can be integrated with the mobile application to publish vacant job for freelance employees to bid, this cut down your phone call time and cost using conventional way.