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Sales & Marketing

Inquiry Fulfillment

One of the key roles of the salesperson is to fulfill customer inquiries. When inquiry size is getting more and frequent, the process, quoted price records and history will be getting complex and tedious. When salespersons spent too much time to manage this tedious job, they might lost out their focus on getting more sales.

Leego has a complete Inquiry Module to manage this process effectively to each Request For Quotation (RFQ) from Order Review, Cost Estimation, Quotation, Success Rate, etc.

Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation is required before offering final price to customers. It also serves as a good source of costing and profitability report. With the habit of doing cost estimation, it will minimize under quote situation when Leego system can conduct a check of profit before the price is quoted.

In Leego’s Enquiry Module, the entire enquiry process is integrated with each process. The information from Order Review from engineering and production will be flowed to cost estimation process so that the salesperson can see all information from one platform and include all the cost factor in the Selling Price. In addition, this Enquiry Module also comes with recommended selling price feature for salesperson reference based on Management direction.


Sales Success Rate

Sales Success Rate is one of the Key Performance Index (KPI) of salespersons and it can be used to evaluate order awarding rate by customer. In the internet era, it has changed the enquiry approach from conventional supplier reach out customers to customers source for suppliers. The trend has increased the frequency of Request For Quotation (RFQ) but lower sales success rate. Under this overwhelming RFQ business environment, you have to manage enquiries differently to analyze success rate against RFQ volume, and other factors to determine your sales force and prioritize your sales efforts.

With Leego’s Enquiry Module, you can perform this analysis and make the decision quickly.