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Activity Based Costing

Activity Based Costing (ABC) is a cost-oriented system that identifies activities and cost of each activity that associated with each project, job, product or service. Activity Based Costing provides company both estimated cost during the planning stage, and actual cost according to actual activities happened. This provides a good comparison between planned and post activities, and most importantly loss prevention before the actual activities take place. The company can further breakdown and manage their variable and fixed costs in the business or production process and know it's profitability in minutes

Leego's Activity Based Costing is structured for multiple entities, business units and cost centres for easy setup. The customer can use Activity Based Costing for project, job, product or service to:

  • Create and maintain cost code structures
  • Establish budgets
  • Track and manage the revenue and cost associated activities
  • Review and revise additional information
  • Generate profitability report, ROI report, etc.
  • Recognise and record profit or loss at any point in the activity process

Leego's Activity Based Costing is easy to set up and use in any business environment and fulfil different needs.