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Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) is architected in a server, client environment and works beyond geographical limitation to allow customers in multiple locations to share, access, download files over the browser with user right control. Leego's customer has an option to develop the mobile application to gain higher user-friendly access to share files at anytime and anywhere.

Leego's Document Management System is built with the combination of easy-to-use, just-good-for-need and direct-to-user concepts that giving our customers the simplest system to achieve operational excellence in all kinds of business that allows:

  • Customised documentation workflow as per company business flow
  • Create folder for project or work order automatically
  • Transfer files or images to designated path or folders automatically
  • Set-up user rights over software
  • Set-up unlimited users
  • Integrate with mobile devices for uploading and viewing
  • Monitor data size on server
  • Cloud-enabled software capability to allow global operation
  • Document Count Management
  • Management Reports