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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System (IMS) is one of the important processes in the supply chain in managing company supplies efficiently. Leego's Inventory Management System has streamlined inventory management that aims to track and control inventory movement and visibility of stock levels that allow the business to cope with their demand and supply swiftly.

Leego's Inventory Management System is built with the combination of easy-to-use, just-good-for-need and direct-to-user concepts giving our customers the simplest system to meet customer inventory management excellence in multiple warehouses environment such as:

  • Design and create your own item number
  • Design and transact in multiple Unit Of Measurement (UOM)
  • Set-up unlimited warehouse or outlet
  • Transact via Barcode Scanning
  • Transfer stock with a few click
  • Monitor Slow Moving Items and Cost instantly
  • Kanban or Pulling System
  • Cycle Count Management
  • First In First Out (FIFO) for Quantity and Cost
  • Management reporting
  • Integrate with various input hardware

 The Features:
Support multiple sites via Internet connection
 Support multiple PCs on a Local Area Network (LAN) – use without internet  √  √ 
 Supports Microsoft SQL Server database
 Enable multiple companies within the Group  
 Enable multiple costs, selling and purchasing prices
♦ Enable multiple currencies conversion
♦ Enable multiple UOM conversion
User Right Control
♦ Integrate with ERP and accounting systems    
♦ Customize documents (e.g. DO, Invoice, etc.)  
♦ Centralized inventory monitoring for multiple companies at different sites
Self-design document numbering (e.g. reset cycle, integrate date/month/year into numbering, etc.)
Item Master      
Article number structure setup (brand, material, design, colour, size, cut, number, etc.)
 Color or size matrix setup and display
Unit cost and price setup
♦ Unit of Measurement (UOM) setup and conversion setup by item
Warehouse Master      
Quick warehouse setup and expansion
 Separated transaction data per warehouse
 Real-time linking for all warehouses' transaction and balance
 One user manages multiple warehouses
 Multiple users manage the same warehouse
Inventory Management      
Separated transaction data and view by warehouse
 Real-time linking for all warehouses' transaction and balance
 Real-time stock balance (group/by warehouse)
 Real-time stock and cost summary
 Picking/Put-Away rules setting by item
 Integrated with bar code system for efficient transaction
 All documents are embedded with bar code for faster transaction
 Auto-generation of Put-Away label with bar code embedded (e.g. Item No., Location/ Lot No.)
 Fast goods receiving and picking via bar code scanning panel
 Display item image during receiving and picking
 Transfer stocks in partial or full
 FIFO/LIFO inventory control and cost calculation
 Tracking by Item No., lot No., date, location, etc.
 Lot No. creation (Lot No., manufacturing date, expiry date)
 Lot No. control in every receiving
 Cycle count/stock check
 Re-Order Level (ROL) setting and real-time alert by warehouse
 Re-Order Level (ROL) by target quantity
 Safety stock monitoring
 Matrix quantity entry (size/colour)
 Data linking from the previous transaction to avoid double entry
 No duplication of stock deduction during transfer
Sales Management      
 Unlimited customer creation
 Sales Order creation and tracking
 Picking List creation and tracking
 Invoice creation and tracking
 Manage returns from customers
 Track orders placed by difference salesperson
 Salespersons place order to difference warehouse
 Sales Order creation on the go
 Active pending Sales Order screen
 Create and print Quotation, DO and Invoice
Purchase Management      
 Unlimited supplier creation
 Purchase Order (PO) creation and tracking
 Receiving tracking by supplier
 Active pending Purchase Order screen
 Create and print Purchase Order
 PO and Good Receiving
 Included data reports
>60 >100 >150
 Customize reports
 Report as per structured filtering criteria (e.g. warehouse, material, size, description, date, etc.)
 Balance stock inventory and cost summary by criteria
 Stock aging
 Inventory balance and cost based on FIFO
 Costing report by sales order or invoice
 Lot and expiry analysis report
 Export data of all transactions
 Stock movement
 Stock balance
 Stock by transaction
 Stock aging
 Inventory cost
 Serial number
 Location stock
 Lot number and expiry
 ROL alert
 Safety stock alert
 Project material issuing
 Sales fulfillment
 Sales and revenue
 Selling price
 Profitability by invoice
 Customer On-Time Delivery (OTD)
 Purchasing fulfillment
 Spend details
 Supplier On-Time Delivery (OTD)
Support by e-mail/ticket
12 months 12 months 12 months
 Support by the internet remote access
 Designated account manager
 Inventory management advisory


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