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Production Planning System

Discrete Production Planning System (DPPS) is a production planning focus system that provides the company a platform with a visibility of orders processing between sales, planning, purchasing, production and warehouse departments. It serves as a plant manager to oversee the following critical activities:

  • Create sales orders and issue job orders 
  • Plan jobs and load operations to machines
  • Alert with raw material requirement and issue purchase orders
  • Trace jobs' progress and update status 
  • Give instant response on delivery update to customers, sales, and planner
  • Measure real-time capacity and machine loading 
  • Issue delivery orders and tax invoice for completed sales orders
  • Track inventory movement and alert to replenish stock at minimum level
  • Provide business reports instantaneously

Sales Order will be generated upon receipt of purchase orders from customers. Work Orders will then be created and loaded to production with processes breakdown with advanced programming logics. All dates to delivery are critically captured step by step in the system. Job tracker is well featured to provide an instant update and auto-shifting of all affected jobs. Supermarket stock can be maintained with a simultaneous monitoring of machine capacity. What if an analysis is also featured for running the simulation like adding new machines and shifts. User interfaces for production environment are already designed and drop-down lists for fast processing are also defined.

Scheduling based on production cell capacity. Jobs may be scheduled independently, all handled in real-time. Estimates show multiple quantity delivery times based on current work centre loads.  DPPS provides job start and finish times, piece, scrap counts, and non-production factors such as downtime for machine maintenance - the information you need to keep current on shop floor status.

DPPS further simplifies the preparation and tracking of the raw material requirement. A complete inventory control system for raw materials, finished goods, customer supplied material and consumable tools have been designed especially for use by job shops. DPPS have a complete history, not only for current jobs but past jobs as well, allowing you to evaluate performance, prices, and delivery promptness. Ultimately, DPPS allows you to do analysis with business reports, revenue from each customer and machine loading. Reports can be generated in seconds for your improvement activities at fingertips. 


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