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Service Management System

Service Management System (SMS) is a service-oriented platform that caters to service business needs to handle challenges in service industry efficiently. Some of the common challenges faced by the service provider are overwhelming demand during peak season, shorthanded of manpower, increasing manpower cost, managing unforeseeable circumstances, etc.

Leego's Service Management System covers both demand and supply management, starting from the process of reservation (demand-order processing), duty roaster (supply-resource planning), job costing and profitability, resource management, etc. Customer can use SMS to:

  • Service appointment and schedule in Calendar view
  • Schedule manpower (from salesperson to front liner by team and individual)
  • Assign shift and shift rotation
  • Visualize demand and resource capacity
  • Storage capacity and availability
  • Duty Roster by team and/or by individual
  • Generate Job-based Costing
  • Know estimated cost and activity cost whenever it's incurred
  • Compile timesheet data
  • and more